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Program Details

First of all, we hope you and your family is staying healthy and well in this extraordinary time. All of us at Han Academy appreciate your continued support and have worked very hard to come up with a series of well-designed online after school programs to meet every aspects of your children's learning needs.     

2020 Online Summer Camp  -  Guided Reading Workshop

2020 Online Summer Camp Full Schedule and Rates

K-G6 After School Programs

23 Weeks

Jan 4th to June 12th 

We offer daily Chinese language classes focusing on vocabulary, speaking and reading aspect of learning throughout the week as well as a list of enrichment programs that help children balance their learning experience. 

Our enrichment offerings include:

- Public Speaking

- English Reading Comprehension

- English Literacy R&W

- Singapore Math

- Broadway Singing

- Fun Math

- Minecraft Game Design

- Snapology

- Ukulele

- Dancing

- Chess

- Hands-on STEAM

- Escape Room

and more.


For more details:

Little Sunshine (3-5yr) Online Programs

23 Weeks

Jan 4th to June 12th 

The Little Sunshine camp is designed and guided by Montessori principals, which value hands-on learning experience and maximize little ones' learning potentials. We offer two ways for you to join us in a fun and rewarding journey this Fall:

- Full day program

- Individual class option

The full day program includes three classes (Montessori, Chinese, and Art & Music) throughout the day and is designed to create a daily routine for kids to follow through with great continuity and great variety of activities. Say goodbye to boredom!

The individual class option gives parents the flexibility to pick any two or more classes during the day. 

For more details:

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