Mrs. Ding

Program Director

Mrs. Ding has more than a decade of experience working with children, including five years as a Primary Montessori teacher. She earned a Masters degree in Family Ecology and holds AMS certificate and IY Parenting certificate. She is also specialized in children psychology, curriculum design, and parent education. Combined her expertise in children development and her passion in education, she hopes to apply the most effective learning theories and help improve the learning experience for our young generations. 

Mr. Alleyne

Lead English Teacher

Mr. Alleyne teaches reading, writing and debate at Han Academy. He is currently a middle school English teacher, and the manager of AVID (advance via individual determination) program, which is a college readiness program for training reading, writing, critical thinking, teamwork organization skills. Mr. Alleyne garduated from Brown University and is a proud dad of two daughters who both graduated from Ivy League universities. 

Mr. Gordon

Lead Public Speaking Teacher

Mr. Gordon works at a top private school in NJ. He teaches Dramatic Arts, Communication, and English. He has years of teaching experience and is specialized particularly in teaching public speaking skills. Mr. Gordon believes public speaking is a skill that every child has the ability to develop when guided in a positive method that reinforces good habits and establishes attainable norms that can be used toward all future public speaking opportunities. 

Mrs. Huang

Lead Chinese Teacher

Mrs. Huang has taught Chinese to multiple age groups at iMandarin School, Berkeley Height Huaxia Chinese School, Millburn Huaxia Chinese School and Jump Immersion School. She holds Advanced Certificate of International Chinese Teacher and has earned multiple teaching awards, including Outstanding Presentation at Huaxia Teacher Conference 2017 and Best Teacher Award at BH Huaxia Chinese School 2018. Mrs. Huang enjoys working with children, is passionate about helping each child, one at a time, not only learn some Chinese words but also acquire a deeper understanding of Chinese culture overall. 

Mrs. Pu

Lead Chinese Teacher

Mrs. Pu graduated from Chongqing Normal University with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese language and literature. She holds People’s Republic of China Teacher’s Qualification Certificate and Certificate of Class A National Mandarin Test. She has more than three years of teaching experience at municipal Key Primary School. She earned multiple awards as an outstanding teacher, led poem recitation competitions and art performances which were broadcasted by television station. She is passionate about helping children in the US to learn Chinese language and culture in an efficient way, by creating an interactive learning environment and leveraging her passions and talents in Chinese calligraphy, poem recitation and drama performance. 

Mr. Costa

Lead Coding Teacher

Mr. Costa teaches Scratch and Python classes at Han Academy. Graduated from California Institute of Technology (Caltech) with double majors in Computation/Neural Systems and Business, he is passionate about teaching and has years of experience in teaching young kids programming languages, ranged from introductory Scratch to advanced Python and machine learning applications.

Mr. Danley

Lead Singing Teacher

Mr. Danley is a Music director for cabarets, concerts and revues throughout the US. He worked as music director/vocal coach/accompanist at AMDA since May of 1993. He performed at Carnegie Hall (twice) with actress Kim Zimmer in Broadway